Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I am getting old, or sick. Tried to do 30 miles yesterday. Started out to do 20, would have been satisfied with 10 but felt O.K. at 15 and decided to try for 30. Didn't make it. Checked out the new addition to the ship canal trail and found myself 17 miles away from home at the Ballard bridge. By the time I got back to UW I was feeling weak by the time I got almost to Leschi I was walking even on the flat. Dragged my sorry ass to Leschi and called Meredith to come and get me. Got 26.18 miles (including the walking) which seems to be my limit these days So phooey! 26.18 miles 9.0 average speed 34.4 maximum speed, don't know where that happened. 2:54:16 hours on the trail. 2534.16 miles on the odometer. Splog

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