Wednesday, October 31, 2012

 Decided to not be such a wimp and ride my bike in the rain 
Only did ten miles 
On the way, I saw a couple models posing for a picture 
I hadn't intended to splash them but I had to stick to the curb due to passing cars 
Anyway a bike doesn't splash much 
So I don't think that was the problem 
Maybe it was getting my leg caught on the umbrella knocking them off balance 
guy ended up sitting with his butt off the curb in the street 
Camera guy called me an asshole 
gave me the finger 

Should ride more often

So my hair is going all Einsteiny on me, thought I'd go get a haircut. Stopped at my favorite Queen Anne Starbucks first. Guy looks at my Michelle button and says "You actually gonna vote for those commies?" .  Hah, I said "I just like to look at hot babes, but, sure, why not", says I. 
"You spending your welfare check on a five buck cuppa coffee, then?. 
Actually, sez I, I am worth several million all my real estate is paid for and provides me with more than enough moolah to afford to drink here . But, if you people want to vote for Romney, it's fine with me. Your taxes will go up and I'll get richer. If you like that scenario, why not cut out the middle man and pay for my short drip and a yoghurt cup?
That was so much fun I forgot the haircut.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

For piano and Cello.
I call it "Chamber Bop"
Sort of inspired by Charles Mingus