Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bloody Shame

image borrowed from bing

Bloody Shame

Yesterday I went to donate a pint
at the blood bank and they handed me
this computer ipad thingy to log in on
and I bailed.

So if some poor bastard dies
for lack of a pint of grade A blood,
it's either Bill Gates
or Steve Job's fault.

Doug Palmer

Posted by Glenn Buttkus also over on Feel Free to Read


  1. The day after you write this Steve Job comes down with cancer or some shit and steps down as CEO of Apple. Go figure.

  2. That's probably why my music program just dumped all my scores today

  3. At some point you have to stop
    pissing off the powers that be.
    Remember SSO; now there is
    a sweatshirt logo. So you are
    either very brave or very foolish,
    or a tad of both.