Friday, August 26, 2011

That Little Violin

Image by Doug Palmer

That Little Violin

As expected, putting a finish
on the 1/8 violin has, as usual,
added even more flaws
and exacerbated some of the old ones.

Scratches I thought I had sanded out
pop into brilliant relief
with the addition of a little stain.

Ah well, Maybe ten or twelve coats
of clear lacquer will make everything
come out looking sharp, or
at least reflect enough light
so as to make the scratches,
the uneven staining,
the wood filler in the holes
caused by the sloppy carving,
the ets and the ceteras, disappear
from the face of the eye.

Maybe, I'll paint the ducky's head green
and his bill orange as a distraction, camouflage,
if you will.

Or if you won't.

Doug Palmer

aka: Lane Savant

Posted over on his site Feel Free to Laugh

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