Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My crappy summer

Music computer crashed
Sibelius can't be used anymore 'cause factory won't release a code
Garritan Orchestra won't even recognize their product
So I got to buy new versions of both of those things
Then Windows fouls up my email so I can't access my email or my other blog 
Or any of my music storage sites
That's why I got this site, and I'm opening new accounts for my music storage sites

Then, yesterday I went to donate a pint at the blood bank and they handed me this  computer ipad thingy to log in on and I bailed.

So if some poor bastard dies for lack of a pint of grade A blood, it's either Bill Gates or Steve Job's fault.


  1. Christ on a crutch, Slick;
    between us this definitely
    was a "lost summer". Not
    what I had in mind at all,
    and I still have weeks to go
    they say before healing is
    complete, and the residuals,
    like taking Warfarin for six
    more months will linger.
    You have always had a mechanical
    affinity to technology, so why in
    hell has it turned on you. Is Red
    Wing Manor on the edge of
    the Twilight Zone?

  2. Check out a chunk of your
    blood rant over on