Monday, August 22, 2011

OK to Laugh at my bike splogs

Awrite this is FFTL2 If I get FFTL back I dunno what I'll do with it. At least I still got a blog

So here's the latest bike ride. 34.84 miles through the hot afternoon sun.
Was doin' fine up to Starbucks on Queen Anne hill. averaged 9.6.
Made a big mistake in deciding to take the west trail home got too hot.
The road was blocked by hemp fest, had to walk the whole thing, more than a mile.
Got roasted and toasted and didn't even get a decent secondhand whiff. Staggered home stopping about once in every mile to flop, snort some gatorade, and catch my breath.

But I survived, so there!

34.84 miles
7.9 average speed (pathetic)
4:22:48 hours in the saddle
36.6 maximum speed.
2315.9 on the old odometer.


  1. OK, Ok, I found the site. I guess
    I was putting the URL in the search
    window and not the address bar;
    what a technical whiz am I.
    Now whip up something for
    Magpie Tales 79 on teens in
    the 1950s, maybe some memories
    of cruising in Lucille, so that others
    can start linking to your new home.

  2. All's right in Cyberville for the moment.
    I linked up from FFTR to OKTL, and
    now you are only a click away.
    Planted you in my Bookmarks too.