Saturday, September 3, 2011

Bicycle stuff

Did the lower half of Lake Washington, felt awful chased my breath all the way, only now did I catch it.
Renton, otherwise known as "Alzheimer's Junction" has changed it's speed limit on it's puny little
river trail from 15 mph to 10 mph and posted a $101 fine. I'm tempted to go ahead and blast through just to help them out of their financial difficulties, but it is probably futile.
Renton continues to rot away,motorcycle shop's gone, car dealers leaving, even dear old Saint Vincent is abandoning this sinking tugboat of a town.
Ah, well, it's inevitable, the average age there is "deceased".
Look for the ramps for some cheap real estate deals.

Anyway, you are not interested in centuries past.

You're not interested in the following either


24.82 miles
10.7 average speed
30.7 maximum speed
2360.6 on the odometer
2:18:38 road time.

BTW, I found the password for FFTL, so now I've got 2 blog sites.
The pisser is, it was the same as my e-mail password but that is gone forever because of my stupid attempts to try to sign in there.

O tempores!, O mores! (I have no idea what that means)

1 comment:

  1. Great treatise on Renton.
    I wonder what White Center or
    West Seattle looks like these days?
    SO, now you have two blogs, WTF
    will you do, post on both, or just
    let FFTL cool down, or abandon
    OKTL, or what. I guess I can stop
    trying to find your old material to
    dress up this new blog, enit?