Friday, September 2, 2011

Palmer: A Living Legacy

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I extracted this from one of your postings.

My mother titled me after a famous general and a famous movie star and yet I am not famous."Palmer" is from the french "paumer" which means "pilgrim to the holy land"The name is first recorded in 1176, which happens to be my phone number, coincidence?Legend has it that palmers carried palm leaves to put beneath the feet of Jesus as he was led to the cross so as to make the journey a little more pleasant. I hope that this gibberish makes your painful stroll to the abyss a little less agonizing. Just doin' my job.

Doing some more of my detective work, I have found that PALMER is actually quite a grand old handle. I suppose you should be proud. It is much nicer to wear all your life rather than BUTTKUS.

Palmer, AK: in the striking Matanuska Valley .
Palmer, MA, town of Seven Railroads.
Chateau Palmer Vineyards on Long Island , NY .
Palmer LTER (Long Term Ecological Research) Center in Antarctica .
Palmer Musical Instruments.
Palmer Museum of Art at Penn State University .
Palmer House Hotel on the loop in Chicago , IL .
Emerson, Lake , and Palmer.
Palmer Candy Company; established in 1878.
Palmer’s Restaurant & Tavern in Andover , MI .
The Qur’an, Part I (Sacred Books of the East), the Palmer Edition.
Palmer Theological Seminary in Philadelphia , Pennsylvania .
Palmer College of Chiropractics in San Jose , CA .
Palmer Episcopal Church in Houston , TX .
Palmer, Bill: Magician.
Palmer, Arnold: Golfer.
Palmer, David: World Squash Champion.
Palmer House Inn at Cape Cod .
Palmer House Brewery & Smithy.
Palmer’s Oz Politics: Australia .
Palmer’s List of Merchant Vessels.

And I am sure that this modest list of your notoriety is just the tip of the iceberg. Feel free to post this comment under your own auspices either out of interest or boredom, or both.


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Palmer, Alaska
Palmer Island, Maine.
Chateau Palmer
The Palmer House, Chicago.
Palmer House Inn, Cape Cod.

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