Friday, September 2, 2011

Monday, Monday

Painting by Rick Mobbs

Monday, Monday

No sleep last night
because of yesterday's
Chamber Music Society luncheon.
Talked to some nice people.
Listened to R.M. Campbell.
He writes for the P.I.
His vocation seems to be
fading away.

Soon all that will be
left for me will be
the cartoons,
the crosswords
and the horoscope,
and you, dearhearts--
which won't be too different
for my usual morning
bowl of Cheerios™ ritual.

Wish I'd actually been there
my minimally animated corpse.
Good food--
strawberry shortcake.
All that seems to have
filtered through the fog
of my diminished awareness
was that the ARTS
seem to be
growing steadily
as they die.

Doug Palmer June 2008

Originally posted over on Feel Free to Laugh.