Thursday, September 15, 2011

Two String Quintets

Images for the recent music

Play it here.

"Guitar Quintet"

Martin 00018 I've had since 1966,
Japanese 12 string I got in LA in 1965
Gigantic acoustic bass guitar I built in '08 of thereabouts
A mandora I made a couple years ago six strings and tuned like a guitar
A cheap plywood guitar, the one I use the most because I don't mind leaving it laying around where I can grab it whenever I want. This is the one I got the material for the guitar quintet.

Play it here

"String Quintet"

String quintet;
I made all of these things.
The 'cello the small viola and one of the violins are made out of plywood and are of an experimental rectangular design.
The big viola and the other violin are of conventional design and made of better woods.
Had a quartet performed at Soundbridge with these instruments back in '02 or '03 or sometime or other

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  1. I'd like a parlour guitar please, one like Joan Baez played in the late 60s.

    Or that Martin 00018. It getting so old now, all the way back to '66. it must be falling apart now. I think you should pass it on to ME!!!! :) :)

    AWESOME new site. Lovin' the artsy feel here.