Friday, September 2, 2011

Meredith in May

Image by Miss M.

Doug Palmer's poetry section looks good.
Here is one of his latest.

Road Trip in May

We want on a road trip
we drove long hours.
We saw geological features.
We saw fossils.
We saw mountains.
We saw waterfalls.
We saw gardens.
We stayed in motels.

I read the book
the Gideons left.
The falls were the ones
known as "Silver Falls"
in Oregon near Salem.
The garden is the one
known as "The Oregon Garden",
also near Salem
(follow the signs to either place),
a relatively new place,
relying on volunteer support (Hmm),
but rivalling the fabulous Buchart Gardens
just outside of Victoria B.C.

Doug Palmer

Originally posted over on Feel Free to Laugh

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